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AREG SDK delivers a powerful software platform for edge devices, IoT gateways and embedded systems connecting sensors, actuators, cloud services, mobile devices, and humans.
Reduce complexity of IoT device software projects and improve team productivity.
Focus the core competencies of your product development teams.
Reduce development costs, risk and time-to-deployment.
Build upon an industry-proven, reliable and secure software platform.

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Testing Possibilities Are Endless

At Aregtech, our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading companies and individuals achieve greater success. Our platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help you to work differently. In order to empower our users to do better, Aregtech is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes.


bring your products to life service enabled

AREG IoT SDK is an edge-centric IoT software development platform to create service enabled applications running on embedded or high-end machines. It intelligently creates servicing components distributed in the network, so that it creates mesh of services. The solution is based on Multicast Routing network communication model and can support multiple communication channels.

Multicast routing communication network has several advantages:

Multicast routing is a communication model where nodes are connected to each other logically and can communicate through one or more physical message routers. Each connection is a communication channel, which can differ by priority, protocol, and physical network. Applications communicate via message router without awareness of each other and provide services as logical servers. Unlike traditional client-server connection, an application can be a mixture of service providers and service users, so that the system creates mesh of services.

The benefits of using multicast routing are connection abstraction, connection authorisation, a higher degree of privacy, network service mesh, application scalability, fault tolerance, dynamic connection, message distribution, and optimised message streaming due to databus absence and streaming by request.

AREG IoT SDK is an Interface-Centric messaging solution, based on ORPC (Object Remote Procedure Call) concept. ORCP is a technique of constructing meshed network of distributed services, where applications are enabled to provide reusable services. 

The programmable (logical) client objects request services from programmable (logical) server objects without having to understand where the server object is running in the network.

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